Cretan diet

χωριάτικη σαλάτα ελαιόλαδο
καλτσούνια kaltsounia
κρητική σαλάτα
καλτσούνια kaltsounia
κρητική χωριάτικη σαλάτα
κρεας πατατες
χορτα greens
κρητικό παξιμαδι ντακος

The Mediterranean diet is based on olive oil, vegetables legumes, grains, moderate consumption of dairy products, also moderate consumption of fish and wine and little meat consumption.

The Cretan diet, as well as the wider Mediterranean diet is based on the preparation of many simple tasty dishes, thanks to the wide variety of products that thrive in this area. It contains all other products of the Mediterranean diet, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fish, wine, sweets etc.,  with unique recipes.


Kaltsounia are a traditional Cretan dish that you can find in different variations. You will find kaltsounia with cheese (anthotyros cheese or malaka cheese), with greens, mixed with herbs and cheese, with onion and many other variations.


The Cretan flora has always provided the Cretan household the possibility of an economic and easy food. The Cretan diet has always been rich in greens and vegetables. The greens and vegetables consumed raw by the older Cretans have excellent quality and now are considered excellent food. Usually with greens produce salads that accompany the daily food.

The most famous greens of Crete are:

  • stamnagathi the characteristic bitter taste
  • the “papoules” or “psares” or “kampilies”
  • artichoke
  • askolympros
    and more.

Cretan Rusk

Cretan rusk (“dakos”): The base of the Cretan diet

Cretan rusk, also known as “dakos”, is the most traditional product of Crete. The rusk is essentially double baked bread.

The traditional Cretan rusk originated from the simple need of the past (where there were no refrigerators or preservatives) to keep the bread as much as possible.


Chestnuts have great nutritional value when consumed in moderate ammounts can offer many benefits. Since our village is famous for its delicious and quality chestnuts, they could not be missing from our daily menu. In our village restaurants you will find delicious and special dishes based on chestnuts, both savory and sweet.

Dairy Products

Dairy products have prominent position in Cretan diet. Cretans produce a wide variety of dairy products such as myzithra, “ksinomyzithra”, graviera cheese, anthotyros fresh and dried, malaka(graviera not cured) Pichtogalo, staka (sheep or goat buttermilk cooked in pan) and more. Dairy products are part of Cretans daily diet with different variations such as graviera cheese with honey, myzithra cheese in salad, stuffed tomatoes and peppers(with rice)  with yogurt.


The traditional Cretan meat is lamb and goat – in contrast to the rest of Greece, which is pork and veal.

Lambs and goats of Crete benefit greatly from the unique flora of the island, first, as the soil is drier and has more sparse vegetation, compared with other regions of Greece, and lambs and goats gain less fat, so their meat is tastier and healthier.