Elos is located on a hill full of chestnut trees. Its chestnuts are famous for their taste and quality. In Elos takes place every year a chestnut festival.

The chestnut tree is dating back to ancient times as evidenced by several findings of the Bronze Age period. It was the food of the poor in the Middle Ages.

The chestnut trees are tall and usually their height can reach 35 meters. The chestnut trees should be located at an altitude of over 250 meters and do not thrive at lower altitudes. The tree blooms during the spring and the chestnuts ripen from early September to late November depending on the conditions and the variety. Each tree can give from 30-50 kilos chestnuts. The maximum performance is considered during the 50th to 60th year of age.

Vineyards and Olive groves

In Elos besides many chestnut trees we come across large vineyards and olive groves. Waters that spring from the foothills of Agios Dikaios Iov provide shade and green, which  during summer is an oasis for residents and visitors.


Northern of Elos is the settlement of Limni, where besides the rich vegetation you will find a small lake which is full during winter months.